Weight Loss

8 Week “Jumpstart” Weight Loss Program

Say Goodbye to Dieting Forever and Embrace the Natural Way to Permanent Change

This is an *8 week program consisting of one on one sessions designed to help you lose the weight once and for all and achieve the positive changes you desire for your life, health, fitness and vitality.

We combine hypnosis as well as behaviorial and nutritional counseling to create and reinforce new behaviors, strategies and ways of thinking about food. We work together to create permanent  lasting change in your eating habits and relationship with food and therefore yourself.

Each person is totally unique and requires their own specific type of support and each one of us struggles with different issues and concerns so sessions are tailor made for you specifically. However some of what we will cover will include the following:

  • The most important Key to Weight Loss Success.
  • How to eat to eliminate Cravings Naturally
  • Build, Define and Embrace a New Self Image and a New Body Image
  • Decrease your Desire for Unhealthy Foods and Increase Your Desire for Healthy Ones
  • Replace Critical Self Sabotaging messages with more supportive messaging that propel you toward your goal
  • Increase your Motivation for Movement and Exercise
  • Overcome Obstacles and Habits that stimulate Overeating
  • Learn Strategies for getting back on track after a set back (because this is a part of life)
  • Overcome the Need for Perfection  vs  Progress
  • Address Behaviors that Discourage and Sabotage Success

Maintain this New You, Forever!

The subconscious needs something to strive for. When you give it the image of a new you (the right size, shape and weight) you will find that your daily food and exercise decisions propel you towards your goal.

According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, in a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using Hypnosis for weight loss and the other one not using hypnosis) the hypnosis for weight loss group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed not further results.

— Journal  of Clinical Psychology

Because it’s Time to Live the Life You Desire with the Body You Love!

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It is my passion to assist my clients to overcome their obstacles with food and live the life they truly desire because I’ve been there and I know the way through.

This is a holistic approach to nutrition, so we look at how all areas of your life are connected and affected.

It’s not only about the number on the scale but about self-care, acceptance, compassion and understanding.


*8 consecutive weeks $760.  ($95 per session)