Creative Workshops

Each workshop gives you an opportunity to engage intuitively and creatively with yourself, within a group setting. These workshops are a way to discover perhaps, what is below the surface that wants to be expressed, or what is “up” for you right now that you want to celebrate or explore.

Inherent in the creative process (and we are all creative!) is an experience of allowing for a state of flow and inner guidance to emerge.

As a hypnotherapist, I will introduce and utilize guided imagery and hypnotic techniques and suggestions to assist you into the desired state that will maximize your individual creativity and process.

The goal of all the workshops is free expression with an emphasis on the creative process rather than on the technique or expertise.  The workshops are for every level, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush or thought of yourself as being “artistic.”

Art making from a place of curiosity and care leads us to embrace our inner wisdom and guidance

I invite you on a personal journey of discovery…

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Process Painting

Explore and discover the treasures of your inner self that long to be expressed! Experience the creative process first hand in the form of painting and you will have a deeper understanding of how it is applicable to your life. You will learn how to stay out of your own way and allow your inner guidance and urgings to express themselves with paint. You will be amazed!

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Creative Printmaking

The printmaking process is an exciting one as it allows for freedom and spontaneity of expression. We work with ink which is then ‘painted’ on to a plexyglas plate. The design on the plate is then transferred to paper through the printing process.

This printing process allows for natural imperfections and surprises to occur. It is a truly magical experience.

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Intuitive Collage

If you are hungry for a simple way to express yourself creatively without the use of inks or paint, collage can be the answer.  In this class, you will be provided with the materials to dive deep into your creative self and emerge refreshed and wiser.

Collage is fun, easy and satisfying. It is also deep and profound.

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Create Your Vision Board

Vision Boards are powerful tools for transformation. They remind us where we are going and what we are striving for. They serve to reinforce our dreams and goals and keep us on track to creating them.

We create our vision board using the collage process. This can include using images cut from magazines, cards or other printed materials. It can also include photographs, paint and ink. Come play and let your imagination run wild!

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* Special note for the Visually Impaired

One tends to think of the art making process as something that is only for the sighted, however, those with visual impairments, either partial or total, can benefit greatly too.  The process of making art is a wonderful tactile experience as well.

I have worked extensively with those of you who have visual limitations and welcome you to join in on any of these workshops or we can create one for you and your friends.

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Pricing varies and is based on the number of participants per class. Please inquire.

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