0034wDebra Peri, C.Ht., began her career path in the healing arts.

Her practice incorporated various hands-on healing modalities, including shiatsu, reflexology, energy and breath work. That experience taught her the profound and powerful nature of healing touch to transform and unite the body, mind and spirit.

She then spent a decade in advertising and sales for two national design magazines, which added another dimension to her personal development and working style.

Debra utilizes a grounded, pragmatic approach in her work with others while at the same time engaging intuitively and creatively.

She is also an artist and painter and has shown her work in Italy, where she lived in 2002.  Much of her work encourages inner dialogue and contemplation, centering the mind and body and focusing our attention inward. (www.ArtForRelaxation.com)

Debra approaches her clients with unconditional positive regard and honors each person’s unique path and process. She is passionate about helping her clients navigate the journey of self-discovery and transformation and offers her unwavering support, insight, encouragement and extensive range of tools. Her intention is to inspire her clients to embrace, explore and overcome their life challenges and to experience more fulfillment, love, joy, health and abundance.